Patchwork Green is a hillside and ridgetop farm overlooking the beautiful Canoe Creek Valley several miles north of Decorah, Iowa. Our family grows five acres of vegetables on a farm near Decorah, Iowa. We grow a wide variety of high quality, chemical-free vegetables using sustainable techniques.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Where’s the produce?!

We have been planting, transplanting, weeding, trellising and protecting all manner of wonderful vegetable plants through week after week of cool, wet weather.  Most of the crops are looking OK, though many don’t seem to have grown an inch in the past month!  Apparently, plants need sunlight. 
The forecast for the upcoming week looks more promising: 80 degrees (and rain, of course) with a few days of sunshine.  I expect the crops will take off.  It’s about time!

Our new labor-saving technology this year is an EcoWeeder cultivator, made in Canada and imported by Windridge Implement here in Decorah.  It is pulled by and powered by the tractor.  The operator controls two basket weeders that spin small weeds out the soil on either side of a crop row.  It is working best on crops like potatoes and Brussels sprouts where the tractor and cultivator drive over a single crop row.  We are still working on perfecting the row spacing to allow for mechanically cultivating two rows (the spacing we use for many of our crops).  Here are Meg and Erik cultivating young potatoes this weekend:

We plan to start vending at the Winneshiek Farmers Market this Wednesday, June 12.  We’ll have lots of beautiful lettuces, a few fresh herbs, asparagus and rhubarb, radishes and a few other spring treats.  We don’t expect to have large quantities of anything for a few weeks, so come down to market early for the best selection.
The sugar snap peas and summer squash are beginning to flower, and we hope to have them producing in two weeks.  Also, coming soon we’ll have beets, kohlrabi and broccoli.  Bring on the vegetables!

Your Patchwork Green Farmers, Erik and Sara